The Women’s Fund was established in 2000 with the vision of helping women within our community.  Starting with 100 women, our goal was to make a difference in the lives of women and their families. Those first 100 women, known as the Founders were more than just the first donors, they were the very foundation of The Women’s Fund. Everything they did, every decision they made, every chance they took was for the first time. As with all new ventures, some decisions were perfect, while some were not. Over the years, The Women’s Fund has evolved to meet the changing needs of our community and the changing interests of our donors – but there is one thing that has endured. The Women’s Fund is an endowment fund. It is a legacy of caring, it is a legacy of giving. It serves the needs of this generation of women and will continue to serve future generations of women.

We will remain Women Helping Women in Need.

Our Mission

To create a powerful legacy within our community through an endowed fund that enhances the lives of women in need through focused grant making.

Our Purpose

To create a powerful legacy of women devoted to improving the community through philanthropic endeavors, provide financial support to nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of women in need. We issue scholarships for ongoing educational endeavors.

Our Vision

To strengthen and grow a legacy of giving that supports women in need within our community.

Advisory Board

Lori Roscoe,  President

Sue Upton, Vice President

Pam Bilodeau, Secretary

Advisory Committee

Johanna Byrd

Barb Cenko

Ruth Stevens-Collins

Penny Crissman

Judy De Steiger

Lynn Florek

Carol Kirken

Carol Lowman

Cindy Nicholaou

Lynn Oates

Maria Trahan

Sue Upton

Imagine looking for a job or returning to the workforce without appropriate clothes. If clothes make the man, then they are equally important to women and that is where Career Dress begins. The Women’s Fund has supported The Career Dress Boutique since 2004 with grants to Pump it Up, BRA-Vo, Essentials and most recently Your New Job Starts Here. Whether its shoes and purses, under garments or outerwear The Women’s Fund is committed to helping women prepare for their future. The volunteers at Career Dress would like to acknowledge and thank The Women’s Fund for its generous grant. The monies received went towards the purchase of brand new “plus sized” clothing for our guests who are embarking on interviews or beginning employment. Career Dress is committed to promoting the economic independence of low income women residing in Oakland County. With your support, our volunteers have assisted over 3,800 women change their lives with a change of clothing.

Karen Lockman - Director, Lighthouse of Oakland County, Career Dress Program