Our Founders shared a common vision . . . building a financial resource that would serve the needs of local women today, tomorrow and forever.

Anita Allen
Sandra Altman
Linda Anger
Lisa Asadoorian
Marcia Battaglia
Dorothy Beardmore
Linda Bermingham
Nicole Bogard
Dusty Boothe
Debra Bordine
Marian Bordine
Pat Botkin
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Glenda Byers
Mary Jo Byrd
Becky Carbonero
Gaye Carson
Cindy Cirar
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Debbie Corey
Penny Crissman
Ginny de Steiger
Judy de Steiger
Kathy Diewald
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Elaine Ohno

Jane Orfgen
Ernie Pixley
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Mary Ann Reidinger
Bev Rewold
Rochester Republican Women’s Club
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Joanna VanRaaphorst
Janet Varner
Nancy Walker
Donna Williams
Josetta Wood
Donna Yestrepsky
Eva Youschock

The Women’s Fund awarded a grant to the Older Persons Commission in support of its Acts of Kindness Program which provides assistance for minor home repairs and chores that enable local seniors to continue living independently in their own home as long as possible. Thanks to the generosity of The Women’s Fund, 92 year old Anita received a wheelchair ramp. She was thrilled to be able to leave her house safely for doctor appointments and more. Thank you to The Women’s Fund for supporting the seniors in our community.

Laure Unkart - Department Head Senior Resources, Older Persons Commission