The Women’s Fund has been helping women since its inception in 2000.  The Women’s Fund has distributed over 300K to programs assisting women in need thru local non-profits.

Some of the programs The Women’s Fund has provided grants to are:

  • Aid for Eviction/Emergency Housing
  • Anti-Bullying for Girls
  • Assault Survivor Kits
  • Beds for Moms and Children
  • College Scholarships
  • Continuing Education for Adult Women
  • Disability Rehabilitation
  • Domestic Violence Prevention and Education
  • Emergency Funds
  • Life Skills Empowerment
  • Mammograms for Uninsured Women
  • Mentoring for Girls
  • STEM Programs for Girls
  • Weekend Food Program for Children
  • Women’s Health Screenings

Rochester Area Neighborhood House is The Women’s Fund’s oldest nonprofit partner in assisting local women. It was the logical choice for the first grant because its focus closely mirrors the philosophy of The Women’s Fund – providing relatively modest amounts of money at critical times can literally change lives. Over the years, The Women’s Fund has awarded emergency Mini-grants for food, housing, transportation and education, assisted women in completing their education, funded emergency medical expenses and in 2014 funded an educational program called Empowering Women in Need with Job Seeking/ Job Keeping Skills. Rochester Area Neighborhood House has been the community’s emergency safety net for 50 years. We help families who might be struggling, we address their immediate needs first and then assist them towards sustainability. The Women’s Fund has enabled us to direct funds to local women in need and has been there for us.

Linda Riggs - Executive Director, Rochester Area Neighborhood House