The Women’s Fund has been helping women since its inception in 2000.  The Women’s Fund has distributed over 300K to programs assisting women in need thru local non-profits.

Some of the programs The Women’s Fund has provided grants to are:

  • Aid for Eviction/Emergency Housing
  • Anti-Bullying for Girls
  • Assault Survivor Kits
  • Beds for Moms and Children
  • College Scholarships
  • Continuing Education for Adult Women
  • Disability Rehabilitation
  • Domestic Violence Prevention and Education
  • Emergency Funds
  • Life Skills Empowerment
  • Mammograms for Uninsured Women
  • Mentoring for Girls
  • STEM Programs for Girls
  • Weekend Food Program for Children
  • Women’s Health Screenings

Imagine looking for a job or returning to the workforce without appropriate clothes. If clothes make the man, then they are equally important to women and that is where Career Dress begins. The Women’s Fund has supported The Career Dress Boutique since 2004 with grants to Pump it Up, BRA-Vo, Essentials and most recently Your New Job Starts Here. Whether its shoes and purses, under garments or outerwear The Women’s Fund is committed to helping women prepare for their future. The volunteers at Career Dress would like to acknowledge and thank The Women’s Fund for its generous grant. The monies received went towards the purchase of brand new “plus sized” clothing for our guests who are embarking on interviews or beginning employment. Career Dress is committed to promoting the economic independence of low income women residing in Oakland County. With your support, our volunteers have assisted over 3,800 women change their lives with a change of clothing.

Karen Lockman - Director, Lighthouse of Oakland County, Career Dress Program